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open access The Beyond-Human Natural World: Providing Meaning and Making Meaning

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2023
Passmore, H.-A., & *Krause. A. N.

open access Trees are honest. bugs are creative, sunsets are hopeful – Identifying character strengths in nature: A reflexive thematic analysis.

Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology, 2023
Lumber, R., Passmore, H.-A., & Niemiec, R.

open access The continuum of eco-anxiety responses: A preliminary investigation of its nomological network.

Collabra: Psychology, 2023
*Lutz, P. K., Passmore, H.-A., Howell, A. J., Zelenski, J. M., Yang, Y., & Richardson, M.

open access The benefits of citizen science and nature-noticing activities for wellbeing, nature connectedness and pro-nature conservation behaviours.

People and Nature, in press
Pocock, M., Hamlin, I., Christelow, J., Passmore, H.-A., & Richardson, M.


open access Wellbeing in winter: Testing the Noticing Nature Intervention during winter months.

Frontiers in Psychology, 2022
Passmore, H.-A., *Yargeau, A., & *Blench, J.

open access An extended replication study of the well-being intervention, the Noticing Nature Intervention (NNI).

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2022
Passmore, H.-A., Yang, Y., & *Sabine, S.

open access Eco-anxiety: A cascade of fundamental existential anxieties.

Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 2022
Passmore, H.-A., *Lutz, P. K., & Howell, A. J.


open access Parental/guardians’ connection to nature better predicts children’s nature connectedness than visits or area-level characteristics.

Ecopsychology, 2021
Passmore, H.-A., Martin, L., Richardson, M., White, M., Hunt, A., & Pahl, S.

Viewing nature scenes helps reduce the pain of social ostracism..

Journal of Social Psychology, 2021
Yang, Y., Wang, L., Passmore, H.-A., Zhang, J., & Zhu, L.

open access Moments, not minutes: The nature-wellbeing relationship.

International Journal of Wellbeing, 2021
Richardson, M., Passmore, H.-A., Lumber, R., Thomas, R., & Hunt, A.


open access Perspectives: Using positive psychology and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to build a better world.

Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, 2020
Lambert, L., Warren, M. A., Brulé, G., O’Brien, C., Murray, S., Mulay-Shah, A., Passmore, H.-A., Zelenski, J. M., Asfour, M., & Alsubaiei, S.

open access The Green Care Code: How nature connectedness and simple activities help explain pro-nature conservation behaviours.

People and Nature, 2020
Richardson, M., Passmore, H.-A., Barbett., L., Lumber, R., Thomas, R., & Hunt, A.

open access Towards a greater global understanding of wellbeing: A proposal for a more inclusive measure

International Journal of Wellbeing, 2020
Lambert, L., Lomas, T., van de Weijer, M., Passmore, H.-A., Joshanloo, M., Harter, J., Ishikawa, Y., Lai, A., Kitigawa, T., Chen, D., Kawakami, T., Miyata, H., & Deiner, E.


A positive psychology intervention program in a culturally-diverse university: Boosting happiness and reducing fear.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2019
Lambert, L., Passmore, H.-A., & Joshanloo, M.

Predictors and causes of the use of noun-based mental disorder labels.

Stigma and Health, 2019
Krzyzanowski, D. J., Howell, A. J., & Passmore, H.-A.

open access The who, what, and where of school kindness: Exploring students’ perspectives.

Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 2019
Binfet, J.-T., & Passmore, H.-A.

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) as a positive psychological intervention: A systematic review and initial meta-analysis regarding ACT’s role in well-being promotion among university students.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2019
Howell, A. J., & Passmore, H.-A.

Well-being matters in Kuwait: The Alnowair’s Bareec education initiative.

Social Indicators Research, 2019
Lambert, L., Passmore, H.-A., Scull, N., Al Sabah, I., & Hussain, R.


Positioning implicit theories of well-being within a positivity framework.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2018
Passmore, H.-A., Howell, A. J., & Holder, M. D.

Reducing university students’ stress through a drop-in canine-therapy program.

Journal of Mental Health, 2018
Binfet, J.-T., Passmore, H.-A., Cebry, A., Struik, K., & McKay, C.


Engaging with natural beauty may be related to well-being because it connects people to nature: Evidence from three cultures.

Ecopsychology, 2017
Capaldi, C. A., Passmore, H.-A., Ishii, R., Chistopolskaya, K. A., Vowinckel, J., Nikolaev, E. L., & Semikin, G. I.

Noticing nature: Individual and social benefits of a two-week intervention.

Journal of Positive Psychology, 2017
Passmore, H.-A., & Holder. M. D.

open access Teachers' perceptions of kindness at school.

International Journal of Emotional Education, 2017
Binfet, J.-T., & Passmore, H.-A.


open access Walls of Well-Being (WOWs): A pilot study of a new methodology to explore children’s and adolescent's perceived sources of happiness.

International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology, 2016
Holder, M. D., Passmore, H.-A., Broom, C., Berg, S., Li, E., Hickey, R., & Martin, C.

open access Elicited awe decreases aggression.

Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 2016
Yang, Y., Yang, Z. Bao, T., Liu, Y., & Passmore, H.-A.

Hounds and homesickness: The effects of an animal-assisted therapeutic intervention for first-year university students.

Anthrozoos, 2016
Binfet, J.-T., & Passmore, H.-A.

Implicit theories of well-being predict well-being and the endorsement of therapeutic lifestyle changes.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2016
Howell, A. J., Passmore, H.-A., & Holder, M. D.


open access Flourishing in nature: A review of the well-being benefits of connecting with nature and its application as a positive psychology intervention.

International Journal of Wellbeing, 2015
Capaldi, C. A., Passmore, H.-A., Nisbet, E. K., Zelenski, J. M., & Dopko, R. L.

Foundational frameworks of positive psychology: Mapping well-being orientations.

Canadian Psychology, 2015
Lambert, L., Passmore, H.-A., & Holder, M. D.

open access Developing an indigenous positive psychology in the United Arab Emirates.

Middle East Journal of Positive Psychology, 2015
Lambert, L., Pasha-Zaidi, N., Passmore, H.-A., & Al-Karam, C. Y.


Nature involvement increases hedonic and eudaimonic well-being: A two-week experimental study.

Ecopsychology, 2014
Passmore, H.-A., & Howell, A. J.

Eco-Existential Positive Psychology: How experiences in nature can address our existential anxieties and contribute to well-being.

The Humanistic Psychologist, 2014
Passmore, H.-A., & Howell, A. J.


Meaning in nature: Meaning in life as a mediator of the relationship between nature connectedness and well-being.

Journal of Happiness Studies, 2013
Howell, A. J., Passmore, H.-A., & Buro, K.


Nature connectedness: Associations with well-being and mindfulness.

Personality and Individual Differences, 2011
Howell, A. J., Dopko, R. L., Passmore, H.-A., & Buro, K.

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