Publications: Overview

last updated 2023-12-10

My publications reflect my work and interests as a wellbeing researcher. This includes:

  • empirical studies examining the impact of exposure to nature and nature connectedness on various aspects of our wellbeing (e.g., positive emotions; satisfaction with life; meaning in life; transcendent connectedness—a general sense of connection to other people, nature, and life in general; elevation—a composite emotion which includes feeling elevated, profoundly touched, deeply appreciative, morally uplifted;
  • development and validation of practical nature-based wellbeing inteventions;
  • theoretical frameworks regarding how relating to nature contributes to our wellbeing, and the flipside of this, eco-anxiety regarding worry about the degradation of the beyond-human natural environment;
  • and studies and frameworks on wellbeing in general such as: valueing happiness, implicit theories of wellbeing, cross-cultural differences.

Research is a collaborative endeavour. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful mentorship I have received, and to my brilliant colleagues with whom I have the good fortune to work with—established researchers, as well as junior collaborators (graduate and undergraduate students in my Nature—Meaning in Life (NMIL) Research Lab).

Latest publications:

open access Development and testing of the Night Sky Connectedness Index (NSCI).

Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2024
Barnes, C. A., & Passmore, H.-A.

open access The Beyond-Human Natural World: Providing Meaning and Making Meaning

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2023
Passmore, H.-A., & *Krause. A. N.

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