Nature—Meaning in Life (NMIL) Research Lab

last updated 2023-05-10

My research lab, the Nature—Meaning in Life (NMIL) Lab (which I started in 2015), is an international lab composed of undergraduate and graduate students from various universities, whom I mentor, supervise, and collaborate with. Together we explore, discuss, examine, and research pathways to wellbeing and meaning in life. This includes developing and validating practical interventions designed to enhance well-being via nature experiences, nature connectedness, and meaning in life. We also delve into predictors of eco-anxiety, its relationship to nature connectedness, and ways of coping with eco-anxiety. Theoretically, the lab is grounded in the science of wellbeing, humanistic psychology, existential psychology, and theories such as the Biophilia Hypothesis, Attention Restoration Theory, Perceptual Fluency Account, Self-Determination Theory, and Eco-Existential Positive Psychology.

If you are interested in working with me and joining the lab, please do reach out to me! I believe in collaborative research, and am always looking to expand my circle of research colleagues around the globe.

The 3rd Annual Nature-Meaning in Life (NMIL) Research Lab Symposium was 2022-09-10.
Check out the program and slides from the presentations!

Watch for the announcement for 4th Annual NMIL Research Lab Symposium late August, 2023!

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