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Just a mix of interesting websites!

Podcasts & Video Series

Organizations, Associations, Journals, Initiatives

  • Global Wellbeing Initiative: The Global Wellbeing Initiative aims to expand the conceptualization and measurement of wellbeing with globally inclusive perspectives to better understand how to promote wellbeing for all - a partnership between Gallup and the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation
  • University of Washington: Nature and Health: Nature and Health seeks to understand the connections between nature and human health and well-being, and to translate that understanding into programs, practices, policies, and the design of healthcare, educational, and community settings that benefit all people and nature. Excellent site for resources such as the journal Ecopsychology. Sign up to their newsletter!
  • International Journal of Wellbeing: an open access, peer reviewed journal promoting interdisciplinary research on wellbeing
  • Spirituality & Meaning Division - International Positive Psychology Association: the Division catalyzes, aggregates, and communicates on the science of spirituality & meaning, and in turn, shares and explores evidence-based practices therein for the benefit of individuals, groups, and society.
  • Terra Informa: a weekly radio show covering off the radar environmental stories and voices on CJSR 88.5 FM
  • Greater Good in Action: science-based practices for a meaningful life

Training and Workshops

  • Ecotherapy and Climate Conscious Therapy Training and Consultation for Mental Health Professionals.: New Sessions begin September 2022. This is a 12-session online group, presented in English, open to participants worldwide. The group meets weekly for 60 minutes with optional 20 minute debrief and discussion. Multiple cohorts serve different international time zones. Group meetings include educational topics, case consultation, role-plays, self care activities, and tips for professional practice building. All slides and materials are available. [Dr. Thomas Doherty]


  • Daily Writing Tips: Every day they publish a new article, with topics ranging from grammar to punctuation, from spelling to usage and vocabulary. You can also subscribe to their email tips.
  • The Nature of Writing: Truly fantastic resource for anyone who writes. Includes a comprehensive writing manual that comes complete with videos and quizzes by an award-winning professor. Many lessons are free, but a membership costs just $20 and gives you full access to all resources, including over 100 quizzes.
  • Logical Fallacies. is dedicated to bringing an easy-to-understand (and use) guide to logical fallacies. Their collection of logical fallacies is always under review and improvement as we add examples, and improve upon the explanation of each fallacy. An excellent resource.
  • Time Zone Converter: Truly an indepensible resource when meeting with colleagues around the globe.
  • Generic Syllabus Maker: Super helpful tool, produces a list of days with dates for the entire semester.

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