NMIL Research Lab Annual Symposium

last updated 2022-09-13

The annual Nature—Meaning in Life Research Lab Symposium launched in 2019 as a forum for lab members to present and showcase the research projects they worked (or are working) on. Some of the research projects are completed and ready to move to publication stage, other projects need to be replicated or re-run, while others are just being launched. The objective is for students to gain experience presenting research to an academic audience, in addition to a CV-line item. I work closely with each student in this regard as they prepare their slides and script, and we have several one-on-one practice sessions before the event.

At the symposium, each student gives a 10-15 minute conference-style presentation (depending on the size of the lab that year). Each talk is followed by a 5-minute Question & Answer period. Department faculty are invited to attend and ask questions, as are friends and family of each student presenting. Situation permitting, an informal gathering with refreshments is provided afterwards to celebrate! As the NMIL symposium evolves, a key-note guest speaker may be invited to start the symposium.

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